Online trading is an arena that is not easy to conquer. You have to put in a significant amount of time and effort in order to become successful. Forex is no exception.

The world of Forex trading is complicated, which is why traders need the occasional support. There are numerous Forex blogs out there, which can help you improve your skills in the field.

The main advantage of following blogs is that you only get the latest information since they are updated daily. All you have to do is visit the sites daily and receive information for no cost. Most of these blogs come with their own discussion forums where you can voice your opinions and get advice from experts.

However, you must know where to put your faith in because all of them are not trustworthy. Some are outdated while some are just not helpful.

If you are planning to grow as a Forex trader by viewing blogs and taking part in discussions, then opt for the following websites as they are some of the best.


1. Investing:

This blog is another great option to opt for when you want to improve and grow as a Forex trader. It covers a verity of topics related to Forex which will help you formulate better strategies and choose better deals.

Not only will you get financial information from across the world but you will also be able to access different tools and technical data. If you believe in going all the way when it comes to research, then consult their news analysis and charts and even stock updates.

The truth is that the financial state of the world is ever-changing and even the smallest change can make or break your deal. This blog, hence, makes sure that you are always well-informed.

The best part about Investing is its global approach. It is available in 21 languages and has 27 editions overall. If you cannot stay a moment away from your smartphone, then download the app

and it will keep you notified.



2. Daily FX:

There is a reason why Daily FX is the world’s leading news portal when it comes to Forex trading. Access all kinds of news and market analysis through this blog. Moreover, the site will also let you use different Forex tools along with informative blogs.

If you want a minute to minute update on the Forex market, then this is the blog to go for. It also comes with an economic calendar that will keep you notified of all major Forex events. You can always visit the forum to clear your doubts as well.

The main advantage of DailyForex is that has all the essential information you will ever need to know about Forex. The reviews of different Forex products, brokers and signal providers are genuine. Both beginners and professionals will find this blog useful in some way or the other.



3. Forex Factory:

The name says it all. This blog incorporates all kind of Forex information so that traders can improve their skills and expertise easily.

Forex Factory has become a reputed news portal in the world of online trading, and it comes with an updated economic calendar that is beneficial for Forex traders. It delivers quality content, and you will find that you are actually becoming better at making profits.

Another added advantage of being a part of this community is the Forex Trading Discussion Forum which will allow you to get in touch with other traders and learn their skills. You can get expert advice and suggestions, along with the answers to your queries just by making a single post.


Website :



4. Fx Street

Fx Street is one of the leading websites which provide real time forex analysis, news, economic event, fundamental and technical event and its impact etc.

The website is trusted and loaded with high quality information. It also offers real time currency exchange rates, trading news, fundamental and technical analysis from real experts.

Live Webinars are also available facilities of the website




5. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a giant in the news industry, and it is no surprise that it features on this list. Their blog will keep you up-to-date on all kinds of global news. Starting from finance and business which play a major role in the world of Forex trading, it will also inform you about government policies, industry trends and emerging technologies so that your decisions are always wise.

Their analysis and data are top-notch and will prove helpful if you are trying to get better at trading. Bloomberg is a blog that you can trust blindly in your quest of becoming an expert Forex trader.



6. Learn To Trade Market:

If you want to consult a blog that is truly one of the best in the Forex world and will cater to all your needs, then you should visit Learn To Trade Market. This blog has been designed with the intention of teaching you all about Forex and Online Trading in the most lucid manner. Created by Nial Fuller, the blog is extremely professional. Fuller is a full-time Forex trader and mentor aside from being an author which means that you will get expert advice and opinions from this blog.

Fuller has years of experience, which means that the strategies and market analysis he shares on the blog daily are time-tested. Beginners, amateurs and professionals will find this blog helpful alike.

Website :


7. BabyPips:

As the name suggests, this blog caters especially to beginners who have recently joined the world of Forex trading. It is one of the best Forex blogs to consult if you are confused about how to proceed and make your first trade. Not only will you find about educational materials about the basics of Forex trading, but also in-depth Forex guides that will help you develop new strategies. The content of this blog is interesting and fun so that you feel excited to learn further.

You will find this blog a good read even if you are a professional because it also has advanced guides that can amp up your game.

Website :

8. Earn Forex:

If you want to visit a blog that will feel like a virtual teacher of everything Forex, then you should try Earn Forex. Built with all the resources you will ever need to learn about Forex, it will have you earning through trade in no time. With a lot of educational material, in-depth blogs and broker information, the blog will is a good option for beginners and professionals alike.

Moreover, Earn Forex will also give you access to different tools like from money management and technical analysis that can change your game and increase your profits. There are different blog posts about currency pairs and market trends that will help you catch up if you are new to the world of trading.


Website :




9. Forex Peace Army:

Another blog that you need to check out if you want to give your forex trading journey some added acceleration is called Forex Peace Army. You will find this blog to be highly valuable because it will provide you with all the information you should know before closing any Forex deals or taking any decision at all. As a visitor, you will find that the data and the reviews they provide are absolutely true and helpful.

Forex Peace Army has blog reviews on different Forex topics like projects, signal services, tools and software that can prove to be beneficial for Forex traders. One more reason to be a part of this ‘Army’ is that their forum is very helpful, and you will always find someone willing to solve your problems.



10. 100 Forex Brokers:

If you have just stepped into the world of Forex trading, then it is likely that you do not realise how important it is to do your research before appointing a broker.

You will be giving the control over all your money to your Forex brokers, and you must make sure that they are trustworthy. This where the blog site, 100 Forex Brokers comes in and gives you all the information you need about the best brokers available in the market.

The site takes professionalism very seriously and only provides unbiased reviews. You can trust their judgment when making a list of potential brokers and then do independent research to supplement the data.

100 Forex Brokers has categories such as broker of the week and featured brokers, and tools like compare broker and review brokers, to help you in your search. The site also provides you with the latest information about the Forex market.

Website :


11. ForexCrunch

It does not matter whether you are a newbie trader or an expert who has been playing the game for a long time- Forex Crunch is a site that you cannot live without.

Filled with information about all aspect of the Forex market, it will educate you till you reach the pinnacle of success. Along with their numerous blogs, they also have tutorials, weekly and daily FX analysis, technical analysis and wFX software posts.

You will find that the site also has a section for individual opinions about different trends in the Forex market. Their news section is also a boon because they believe in transparency. The humour with which they deliver information and the overall balanced commentary make this blog a must-read.

Website :


12. Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates (Formerly forex Magnates) is financial and business news website. The website is sharing highly valuable financial news that is very useful in forex trading arena.

The website is publishing news in English and Russian language. It produces financial industries reports and hosts international events that are very useful for online currency trading. The website was   founded in 2009 by Michael Greenberg and it’s headquarter is in Ramat Gan , Israel.



Join these blogs without wasting a minute. You never know what opportunity you might miss!





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