Trading in foreign currency also known as Forex. It is an investment market that has significant liquidity over other markets. There are several factors that affect the realistic profits of a successful Forex trader.

Forex Copier is an advanced trading tool that is utilized for copying trades from one to multiple accounts. It is known for being an ideal solution for the signal providers that aim in sharing their trade at a global level through a dedicated platform. In this, a provider gets the opportunity to copy trades for various receivers, similarly, a receiver can seek information from various providers too.

This service is offered in the form of a subscription so that traders can select their required duration and renew the period if they want to receive the signals thereafter.

Trade copier is an application. Its job is to copy trades and orders from one account to another.  What it does is it allows duplication of orders and trades. It gives you a direct opportunity to interact with learned experienced professionals. It also helps you make diverse investments.

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There are two ways for trading:

Mirror trading:

This technique was developed in early 2000’s.It allows the trading investors to copy the strategies of the experienced and successful Forex investors across the globe.

Copy trading: 

In this method traders can automatically copy positions opened and managed by a selected investor. This is in context with social trading.

All people who trade in Forex market are having the sole purpose of making lots of money. Stable income, on spot spontaneous trading and some quick trade in the business market, offers an individual to do this. For a complete novice, it is absolutely necessary to have a guide. In this age of fast trading, there are many online services available.

The most popular one in Forex trading is MetaTrader 4.

Meta Trader 4

Local trade copier is special software from MT4 that deals with retail market and helps Forex traders duplicating trading positions running on same PC/VPS between different accounts.

Remote trade copier is another tool that allows that allows copying trade from the complete Forex industry. It allows you copying from remote locations over the internet.

This unique tool allows copying in multiple accounts at different locations using different computers (or the same) with the help of the web.

How To Use Forex Trade Copier?

The Forex trade copier services have been primarily categorized into two types which are

  • Local Forex Copier

    : The local Forex Copier is a flexible, reliable and ultra-fast medium of copying trade from one to multiple receivers. It is completely automatic and comes along with a real-time control panel, from which you can customize the settings or programs of the copier as per the requirements of your trade. Such signals are compatible with the EA and other manual trading software that are part of the platform.

  • Remote Forex Copier:

    The remote Forex Copier or “Signal Magician” is a relatively unique style, where traders get the opportunity to send their signals from one account to another. For instance, if you have an MT4 trading account then with the help of this service, you can apparently send signals to all the MT4 trading accounts that operate across the globe. This feature is supported by almost every broker and can be implemented on both live and demo trading accounts as well.

types of forex trade copier

Despite the difference in the nature of the two distinct copiers, each one of them remains to be a popular choice amongst Forex traders. Where, local Forex Copier is designed to trade locally between the accounts of the same system, while remote Forexcopier allows working locally & remotely at the same time and that too with unlimited signal service receivers and providers.

The Forex Copier solution offered at FIBOPIPS is developed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, who do their best to ensure that the stress and time required for placing a winning trade, is reduced allowing you to create a successful strategy at ease. In fact, there are times when traders purchase signals but still are unable to implement them appropriately but that will never be the case when you make use of Forex copiers.

This is because through this, each and every market opportunity is scrutinized and then a proper trade is executed that gets copied to multiple managed accounts. Most importantly, it is performed automatically to ensure that you never lose a winning trade of the market.

Forex Copier helps you solve all your initial hurdles and start trading. All you need an investor password to begin. This is a read-only password. It gives you the access to the manager’s account in the real world but forbade you from making any changes. This will get your hands on experience how practically things work out as you watch and learn.

Now if you have Forex Copier installed in your system, you can copy other people’s transactions into your account. With this, you learn in this process and can also make some money without putting drastic efforts.

Why Forex Trade Copier?

Forex Copier is a form of EA application that makes use of signals to analyze the market trends and then copies the trade when a fruitful opportunity arises. These copiers tend to copy the trade directly without any sort of manual operations. What this does is that it eliminates the chances of any sort of errors and at the same time delivers effective and prompt risk management.

So, if you are someone who often remains busy in day-to-day activities and are not able to provide enough time to trade then this application can turn out to be a wonderful solution. Because it allows the trader to copy winning traders to their account, even when they are not sitting in front of their computers. Traders can even reverse copy the same by activating an EA advisor. In such systems, traders can manage the funds, lots, and risks or even recommend the same when the copier manages the account.

Forex trade copier is a basically a software. For an amateur or beginner, this is the best guide to venture in business and trade markets. It gives you a direct opportunity to interact with learned experienced professionals. It also helps you make diverse investments.

Main features of Forex trade copier:

  • Replicates all opening and closing trade operations.
  • Can deal with multiple associated accounts.
  • Copies both automatic and manual trades easily.
  • Works well with FX Trading Station II.
  • Allows you to give time to other activities like studies and/or business meetings.
  • Reduces your efforts for research.
  • Lessens the hours to sit in front of the monitor.
  • Reliable, easy to install, simple to use.

Difference Between Copier and Forex Robots?

The copier is different from the Forex robots in many ways and some of these include

  • The copier uses Virtually Private Secure (VPS) network so as to manage the connectivity of trading platforms, and this is something that makes sure that the trading accounts remain operative for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The traders make use of this virtual space independently and have the choice to install the preferred programs. The Forex bots, on the other hand, do not have access to such systems.
  • The copier comes with a unique feature known as the Maximum Price Deviation (MPD), which is the number of trade that you want the copier to copy, even when the present price is same or between the slave and master accounts. This mitigates the risk associated due to market slippage and keeps you on the safe side even during high volatile conditions too.
  • The accounts that are based on Forex robots are much more prone to slippage when compared to those of copiers. This is because copiers act on the VPS and execute the trading signals instantly which may not be possible in case of the robots.
  • The faster trading signal can only be acquired with the help of copier and this because they are sent within a network of the master to slave accounts. The information is processed at a much faster rate and thus the precise direction of buy or sell order is noted and the trade is placed accordingly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the processing occurs at a lightning speed where your winning trade will be placed in the account even before you know it.

Advantages of Forex Trade Copier

When you subscribe to the Forex trade copier service by, you will be able to explore innumerable benefits. Some of them include

  • The first and perhaps the most obvious advantage of the copier is that decreases the time and stress required for placing a trade.
  • The copier tends to copy each and every dealings or functions to multiple accounts with proper accuracy such as the exit/closing, stop loss or entry/opening.
  • Though the trades of the copier are distributed across multiple channels automatically but the initial trade is created manually by an experienced manager who examines each and every aspect of the market and then determines a proper position.
  • Further, the traders can even control the copy traders manually and improve its efficacy by combining it with EA applications or other supportive programs.
  • The copier enhances the scope of profits and reduces risk to a greater extent.

Functions of Forex Trade Copier

Our Forex Copier comprises of many amazing functionalities so that you can make the most of it. We strive to offer the best and the most secure signals to the traders so that they can manage their VPS like a professional. The traders generated in the master account are automatically copied without any sort of delays.

Moreover, the copier system is

  • Extremely easy to use and features a simple interface
  • Packed with flexible options such as filterable trades, configuration, lot risk management, reverse trading and a lot more
  • The power technology behind the copier eliminates the chances of loss completely, ensuring that your trade always keeps you on a safe side.
  • The signals go live instantly, with immediate execution and no cancellation or delays
  • Traders will no longer have to take stress for the trades or money management as this will be handled by our team of experts.
  • 24/7 customer support, where your queries will be answered to the earliest.

How To Select Best Trade Copier Service?

FIBOPIPS believes that the choice of a copier service can create a world of difference in terms of the results that you get from it. This is the reason why special attention, careful analysis, and proper research must be done before counting on any company for the task.

A good practice is to understand your requirements from the service provider and then search for the one who will be able to meet them at an affordable value.

Why Traders Like FIBOPIPS Trade Copier?

FIBOPIPS aims to bring out the best from each and every profitable Forex signals through its copier service. Our large team of dedicated professionals and a wide resource network help our loyal customers in getting a complete insight about the ins and outs of the Forex market, thus leading to the creation of full-proof and successful forex strategies.

These strategies allow the traders to grow into professionals who are able to place their best trade in any form of market conditions. Therefore, what are you waiting for, subscribe to the latest Forex Copier service from FIBOPIPS and notice the difference that it can create to your trading account? These versatile copiers are compatible with a wide range of trading platforms so that you can easily install them in a hassle free manner.

Hence, the time has come when you can let go of the worries and complications of Forex trading and simplify the entire process with the help of well-versed Forex Copier services brought to you by FIBOPIPS and that too at reasonable prices. Forex Managed Account service is also available in fiboips website for the convenience of users

We even come up with discounts, rebates, and deals for our loyal customers so that they can grab the best of copier services and that too within their budget.

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