If you want to be successful in your chosen line of work, then it goes without saying that you have to put in a significant amount of time and effort. Your commitment will play the most important role in deciding how far you go.

Being a Forex trader is not easy because of the uncertainty that comes with it. The financial market is a tough one to crack because there is no one single path to success.  You have to test out your mettle as a trader, dabble with different services and come up with new techniques. Once you strike the perfect combination of thorough analysis and effective implementation, you will find that all your deals are coming through well.

Everyone follows a different road to success because that term is subjective. We all define success according to our own preferences and desires.

The Top 7 Tips to Succeed

Worried how you can make it big? Don’t worry. All successful traders have a few traits which contribute to their long-term improvement.


  1. Decide on Own Strategy:

Don’t jump into investment spree in expectation of some positive changes in the market immediately after the news. You should rather be a little observant here on the trend and then, make investments. Day traders must wait unless the market picks up a trend and refrain from making any investment under a volatile situation.


The hard truth is that you cannot just wake up one morning and be very good at choosing the best strategy for your trade. You pick up this skill through experience and hard work.

Professionals prefer to use fundamental analysis, which means that the key to understanding a trade is to examine its roots. The market is impacted by even a slight change in the real world. Good traders devote their time to gathering as much news as they possibly can and keeping up to date with economic data releases.  Here are some of the questions you need to answer.

  • How much are you willing to risk?
  • How are you planning to put the money in the trades?
  • How do you plan to exit in case of a loss?
  • How do you plan to identify the trades you want to invest on?
  • When do you pull the plug button when you are seeing profits?


Finding the correct strategy requires persistence, and there is no shortcut. While fundamental analysis can make your work much easier, you need to remember you need to grow with your work. Knowing the trends and using them to improve your trades are not the same thing. Until and unless you try out the not-so-good-strategies, you will not learn to differentiate.

  1. Effective Time Management:

You do not have unlimited time in hand, which is why you need to make the best of what you get. All skilled traders know that they have to abide by the time restraints in such a manner that the results are maximised.

Managing time is not as easy as it sounds. Moreover, the market is filled with traders of different kinds who may not require the same amount of time. Some people engage in Forex trading as a side-business in which case they do not have the time to check on the price volatility in short time-frames. On the other hand, there are full-time traders who spend their days monitoring the price changes over a shorter period of time. The key is to utilise the available time.

As a successful trader, chances that you are in it for the long haul and you know the following.  Nobody becomes rich overnight without putting effort. Similarly, nobody ever profits unless they grab all the opportunities, which come by.

Hence, successful traders try to understand the nuances of the market trends and then wait for things to align with their skill and strategy.  Since they are self-reliant, they are confident in their approach. So be patient if you are aiming to become a good trader.

  1. Focus on Communication and Patience

You might think that your primary objective as a successful trader is to keep hushed up about your techniques and strategies so nobody else can profit from them. You will not be completely wrong, but all successful traders acknowledge the need for free communications.

They do not like to be egotistical, and are open to learning and teaching new things. They accept that there are traders out there who are better than them, and they are willing to take lessons in order to improve themselves.

  • Be humble to new approaches
  • Achieve the right balance in life, and don’t forget to focus on your health.
  • Try out your strategy properly before deciding to pull out midway

Successful traders are also not scared of asking for help. Being open about problems and asking for advice can often get you out of tough situations.


  1. Have a Stop Loss

Like all trades, Forex comes with its own set of risks that you have to undertake if you want to be successful. All traders like to have a risk management strategy ready, so they can expand their business. While the trader’s exposure to the market becomes restricted, the chances of incurring potential losses also decrease.

On any trading day you may hit the average going down. At this juncture don’t hold on to your stock unusually high in expectation of the market to pick up quickly. A situation like this usually gobbles up your liquidity hitting hard even on your margin call.


A risk management strategy will take into the account all the factors that affect your trades and have your goals in place. Unless you take steps to protect your capital, you are not a true trader.



  1. Risk Only a Fraction on Your Equity


Here is the thing – if you want to be in the trade a long time, you would want to make your choices right over the next hundred trades. You wouldn’t want to risk 50% of your money in each trade – you need to only take a certain amount each time. This way, even if you lose on a few trades, you could recover with the help of the others where you made the right decision.


If you can keep your risk ratio less than 1%, you can safeguard yourself against capital erosion.

  1. Be aware of Possible Volatility

Certain news makes volatility in the forex market. If you are aware of any such a news in advance, we then recommend you for making necessary adjustment in your investments against the same. Such news may adversely affect the market and your investment portfolio. Always, make necessary adjustments or planning done in advance for minimizing the negative effect on your portfolio.


  1. Focus on Creating a Positive Expectancy

Your expectancy is determined by a simple formula – it’s the probability of you winning multiplied by the average win, and minus the probability of your losing multiplied by the average loss.

It’s also what determines what your edge in the market is – and it’s important for you to keep on tinkering strategies to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Just depending online to create an edge won’t work – most programs and strategies told online fail. You need to find your own edge to succeed.


The Ultimate Method to Succeed – Focusing on the Basics

Keeping your emotions separate from the work at hand is not an easy job, and most of us fail miserably. If you make a bad trade and face a heavy loss, chances are that you will be depressed for days unable to get over the dread. All successful traders have learned the art of moving on so that they do not spend time crying over spilt milk.

Being a Forex trader, you need to accept a fair share of wins and losses. If you want to convert the bad deal into something good, then relax and evaluate where you went wrong so that you never make the same mistake again. Do not spend all your time chasing behind losing deals. Build mental resilience and toughness by accepting the loss as a part and parcel of trade.

Now that you know what it takes to become a successful Forex trader, why not inculcate some of these habits and skills in your trade career. Although they are not the only factors of success, they can still make a large impact.  You must keep your eyes open in order to become one of the best traders in your market.   



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