I know that you have always pondered what the professional traders do that make them successful in forex trading. As you begin, it is always easy to hit a few wins. The problem usually sets in when it comes to maintaining and having consistent long-term trading success. Below are some of the things that the professional traders do differently from other amateurs.

Life of a Pro Trader

First, the life of a professional trader and a novice is very different. You can usually learn so much starting from how they think to how they live. Their daily habits also can reveal so much. As a novice trader, you tend to race to find a trade. You are always looking at the charts. A pro, on the other hand, goes about their duties as calmly as they can. They never rush. You will realize that a novice trader spends a lot of their time looking at their active trades while a professional forex trader tends to have trust in the process as well as the trading plan. They, therefore, end up making a lot of forex profits. As you might have known, some trading systems have up to 60% success rate. If for example, you decide to engage in 100 trades, if you are focused on money, you will feel bad about losing almost 40 trades. Chances of dropping such a system are very high. Know that making a forex profit comes as a result of following the trading system

Secondly, the mind of the professional trader is also another element that makes them successful. They know that their mind can affect their trading process. It can be either favorable or detrimental to their trading. They, therefore, attempt to solve their mental issues before engaging in any trading activities.


The Right Mindset

Solving your mental problems can be the first step to becoming a better forex trader. Some of the mental problems that one must get rid of include:






You need to have a good trading mindset for you to become a successful trader. Remember that having the right mindset does not happen overnight. You need to work on it. The most fundamental element you require is education. You should learn about some of the problems associated with forex trading. You also need to know why you need to make certain decisions then come up with a plan that can aid in combating and defeating them finally. In short, the pros understand the psychology of trading.


Objective Trading

Moreover, pro traders are fully aware that they will not be in trade forever. Studies reveal that a large number of professional traders do not trade during the day. For one to excel at forex trading, they, therefore, need be swing traders. These traders know what they are looking for. They avoid looking at trading with the mindset of needing to be trading. They have an objective view of the forex trading process. They ask questions like whether they are meeting their plans. In fact, they play because they have to win and not because they want to make. You will only make money after you have done everything that will make you win.


Being Right

Another vital reason that makes professional traders make money while you do not is the fact that they stress on being right. In many cases, you will realize that traders usually want to be right. There are moments when the trading process does not always conform to the norm. It might be uncomfortable, but you must always follow the process. You should, however, know that as a marketer, a majority of the decisions that you make are random. It is because of the rigidity of the traders that makes a majority of them lose millions as they try to make money by forex trading.


Capital and Risk Management

Moreover, the pro traders have ways through which they manage their capital as well as their risk. For you to succeed in whatever business venture, you need to have a well laid down money management plan. If in any case, you have been losing money, then it might be because you do not have a proper risk management plan. You need to understand and apply the capital preservation strategies. In whatever trade that you engage in, you should always have a proper exit strategy. To succeed, avoid trading in markets that have some correlations between them.


Trading Plan

Also, professionals in forex trading have a trading plan. A study revealed that 90% of traders fail because they lack a trading plan. The trading plan that is used by the pros is built on a rock-solid foundation that comprises of Mindset, Method, and Money. These are referred to as the three M’s of trading. Your chances of succeeding in the absence of either of these strategies are very low. It is therefore mandatory that you base your foundation on these three important strategies. Please note that when the management of money is off, even with the best strategy, you will still fail. This also applies to the other three M’s. The absence of one will make you fail.


Study and Learn

Lastly, the pros in forex trading are always studying. For you to be successful, you need to learn from other people. You will always meet people who are more experienced than you are. Learn from them. You need to consult a lot of literature on forex trading. No one knows everything. As the world progresses, a lot of important information is made available. You will only know about these new strategies if you continue studying. You should never fear to admit that you do not know anything. Be ready to take instructions as well as insight from other people who know more than you do. In fact, the difference between an intelligent and a stupid person is their ability to admit that they do not know and their willingness to learn from other traders. If you did not know, a poor man is he who thinks that they are think-tanks and don’t, therefore, need continue acquiring more to expand their knowledge database.



After reading through this masterpiece, I expect that you are not only encouraged but fully aware of the seven reasons that make you fail in forex trading. The most important element that you need to know is your mindset. It is the greatest asset that will either make you succeed or fail in forex trading.

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