With the expansion of communication technology, online trading has become much more popular than before. Nobody think twice about investing their money in online ventures anymore because of the added security measures in the field.


Among these trading options, Forex or foreign exchange has gained momentum all across the world. It involves currency pairs which can be exchanged for each other at a particular rate per unit. You do not need to make elaborate arrangements in order to become a practicing trader. You might need to gather experience and gain some expertise before you can make large profits, but that is a part of the learning curve.


Once you have a Forex account, you need to start looking for a broker who will help you take the important decisions that can potentially shape your trading career. You must be picky, or you might end up with scammers.


You have to accept the risks as part of your job, and learn how to deal with the different situations that arise when you are trading online. Admitting that you need a helping hand is nothing to be ashamed because even the best in the game had some initial guidance.


ATC Brokers is a California-based Forex broker, based in Los Angeles, and it has made quite a name for itself in the last few years. While it may not look as sophisticated as some of the other options out there, it does come with its own set of perks. The commission-based pricing model along with the low spreads that it offers makes it a very good option for beginners and experts alike. If you want a more detailed review of the company, then read on.



Established in 2005, ATC Brokers is professional and efficient in its treatment of clients. One of the most important things that you should always check before hiring a client is their regulatory requirements and official affiliation.


A member of the National Futures Association (NFA), you can be assured that your money will be safe when you hire ATC. Moreover, they are also registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). You will be able to look it up online before getting into an agreement.


ATC Brokers wants to keep all their clients happy by providing them with all the best services available in the market. To that end, they secure all the latest technologies which can help make trading easier for you. Their team of brokers, analysts and programmers work hard to give you an advanced trading experience.


Trading platforms:

All Forex brokers come with a set of trading platforms, and you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. ATC Brokers has four platforms that you can use.

MetaTrader 4:

You can avail Straight Through Processing (STP) order execution via the online trading services offered by the company. If you use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, then you can access this platform.

MT4 Plus:

If you want enhanced order features on your MetaTrader 4 platform, then you should use this plugin. With the one-click execution feature it offers, you will be able to set up three separate bracket orders.

MT4 Mobile:

Smartphones are convenient because you can carry them around all day, and keep a track of your trading developments. For all those who prefer trading via their phone, MetaTrader has released this version which can be accessed on all smartphones. It allows you to be in control all the time.

Trade Copier:

With the help of this software, money managers and signal providers will be able to share trade signals on the MetaTrader 4 platform for future execution.

ATC Trader:

If you want to conduct multiple exchanges worldwide, then you definitely need this platform, Since there are no third parties involved, you can be assured of your security.

Account Options:

ATC Brokers gives you options even when it comes to choosing what kind of account you want to use.

  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Corporation
  • Partnership
  • LLC
  • IRA

A significant disadvantage of using ATC Brokers is that you have to make a high initial deposit. To create an account with the broker, you must deposit $5,000. This means that ATC Brokers has one of the highest initial deposits in the market and might discourage beginners from investing with them. However, some traders like to think of the initial deposit as the price they pay for some guarantee of security.

Another problem that might not go down well with new traders is that ATC charges individual commission on all the trades a client completes under their supervision. Standard lots are priced significantly higher than the mini lots.

If you can overlook these two problems, then you will have no problem dealing with ATC Brokers because they try to make everything very easy for you. Opening an account with them is an absolute breeze.

The platform ATC brokers are not very user-friendly, and the simple design is often a turn-off. Moreover, there are no training tools available for the investors. The lack of an intuitive platform costs them dearly because there are so many other platforms, which are upgrading their systems all the time. But, you will be able to perform all regular functions with zero hassle.

Payment and Service:

With ATC Brokers, you can trade both precious metals and currencies. The methods of payment are restricted to credit and debit cards, and wire transfer. If you want to withdraw some money, you need to register your request before 11:00 am CST. They charge you  $25 for internal wires and $30 fee for the international ones.

They have a working Customer Service section so that you never face any problem when trading. You can consult the Frequently Asked Questions, to begin with, and then contact the company´s office directly via live chat.

ATC Brokers do not offer any special bonuses or promotions that will attract you immediately, but that does not mean that their service is compromised in any way. They should ideally build up their library so that more people can learn more about trading just from hiring them. All in all, ATC Brokers is a good option if you are all for simplicity.




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