Even a few decades ago, Forex was not such a common name among online traders.

The boost in communication growth has made the world a rather small place allowing people to trade on a global sphere. Forex or foreign exchange has, hence, become an important part of our lives and that has inevitably led to the rising popularity of Forex trading.

While it is easy to create an account and become a Forex trader, it is an entirely different thing to be actually successful in the field. For that, one needs to gain basic knowledge of the functioning of the market, the ability to formulate different strategies and risk management skills.

If you want to be a successful Forex trader, then you must be ready to undergo a fair share of profits and losses before you can generate consistent results.

The currency market undergoes regular fluctuations, and hence it is necessary to reformulate your techniques along the way. To be able to adjust your strategy to the financial condition, you need to have spent a considerable amount of time in the industry.

You have the option of operating your Forex account by yourself but that can be tough especially for beginners and part-timers. Forex trading is not like your typical 9-5 job because you are always in it whether you like it or not. The trading community waits for no one and if you take  long break, you might end up on missing out on brilliant opportunities and regret it later. Moreover, it takes some time to learn how to read signals and execute the best trades. Unless you are willing to take that risk and lose some of your capital in the learning process, you should consider hiring professional services.


A managed forex account will have a professional manager in charge of the financial decisions, and he or she will take the responsibility of trading your money on your behalf in return for a fee. While some have a fixed fee, some charge a percentage of the profits. There are numerous specialized services out there who can help you maintain your Forex account with the least amount of worry or anxiety.


There are a number of reasons why people may want to have a manager at the helm of their Forex account, the most notable of them being:

  • You might not have the time and dedication to operate an account in its nascent stage.
  • You want to learn the best tips and tricks of the trade from a trusted professional.
  • You do not have the emotional capacity to handle the ups and downs of online trading.

No matter what your reason is for wanting managing services, you can consult websites like Fibopips to find the perfect manager you have been looking for.

Just like you cannot afford to go into Forex trading with very high expectations from yourself, you cannot expect very high returns from the very first day just because you have hired a new managing firm. While they are experts who know how to recognize good deals, they are not magicians. Instead, you will have a consistent state of profits and zero losses which is all you really need in the beginning.

Learn more about the Forex fund management services in different countries.


  1. Best Forex Managed Account US Citizens:

A large number of Americans have become a part of the Forex world in the recent years, and this kind of trading has become extremely popular in some of the states. The United States still has imposes some restrictions online investment forms which is why the boom in Forex trading comes as a surprise.

Managed forex account service is getting popular in US day by day. If you are an American and are looking for a good account manager, then you can hire local operators or go for offshore brokers or manager  who will be able to provide you with just as good service.


Everbody knows that the US dollar is one of the most sought-after currencies in the world, and hence it follows that it is also the most frequently traded currency. When the US dollar is paired with any of the other strong currencies, it is called a major pair.


Since the US dollar is so crucial to keeping the trading world afloat, Americans naturally become engaged in Forex trading. Whenever there is any change in the value of the dollar, irrespective of the reason, the Forex currencies are affected majorly.


You need to learn about the relationships between different currencies, and how they are affected by each other if you want to be a successful American trader.

The laws of the land state that you should choose a regulated Forex broker and manager like Fibopips who is legally sanctioned to provide service to US citizens.

The Natural Futures Association (NFA) makes sure that Forex trading in the country goes on smoothly and asks for regular reports.


  1. Best Forex Managed Account for UK Citizen:

The United Kingdom is home to thousands upon thousands of Forex traders who want to make the best profits through trading. The disadvantage of Forex trading is that you do not have a central exchange or clearing house. The FX market is not as transparent as written contact, and hence can be used to carry out malpractice and manipulation.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) keeps a strict watch on the Forex market to make sure that everyone follows fair and ethical business conduct. If the brokers are FCA-regulated, then they have to follow certain industry standards or else they can lose their accreditation. In fact, the FCA has introduced a rule which instructs firms to separate client capital from company funds so that there is no mess up.


Even if the smallest thing goes wrong in the Forex market, it can lead to a state of financial chaos which might not resolve itself even after a lot of efforts. Fund managers have to be especially careful if they want to conduct business in the United Kingdom. If you want a reliable fund manager, then do not forget to do your research because it is your own hard-earned money you will be trading in.


No matter which part of the world you live in, you can avail Forex fund management services. All you need to do is find someone who is the perfect fit for your style of business.  Once you hire a company to conduct your trades for you, the change in your profits will be obvious. Most managers have been in the Forex field for more than twenty years and are seasoned enough to change your luck altogether.


  1. Best Forex Managed Account for EU Citizen:

European Forex traders are slowly beginning to prefer offshore Forex management services instead of local ones. Europe is undoubtedly one of the biggest Forex markets because of its population and the recent popularity of online trading in these regions.

Moreover, the pound may not be as strong as the dollar, but it still holds a lot of value. Any change in the European currency has the potential to influence the Forex market largely, and cause traders to revamp their strategies.


EU citizens will find a lot of willing fund management services to choose from and hence be spoilt for choice. However, it is essential that you find a professional firm which has been certified for the business.


  1. Best Forex Managed Account For Australian:

The wave of Forex has not left our Australia from the mix. The number of Australian Forex traders is increasing by the day, and so it the need for honest managed forex accounts alongside it. Having a professional company take care of your account will prevent you from suffering any beginner losses.

Australians are more than happy to pour their money into Forex fund managing companies, but the large number of scams everywhere is slowly deterring them. The truth is that you will find a good managing service with some in-depth research.


  1. Best Forex Managed Account For Middle East Traders:

The Middle East is full of Forex traders who are rich and willing to invest in order to become richer. If you stay in the Middle East, then do not worry because you have a lot of scope of making it big in the Forex industry; all you need is a good fund management service who will take care of your account’s financial demands.

If you do not want to hire local services, then you can choose online fund managers who provide their service all across the world and come with a large number of testimonials.

All countries have Forex management services to offer, based on the rules and regulations of that particular region. You can also choose online and offshore services if you find them more capable. Websites like Fibopips offer you multiple services, and you will find yourself satisfied with their dedication and support. Having said that, you must do adequate research before zeroing in on a particular fund manager. Prepare a list of requirements and tick them off as you explore more and more firms.


If you find a reliable managed forex account service, you will surely experience better profit and smart passive income. Fibopips.com is one of the best managed forex service providers which provide service to large corporation, financial institutions, banks and money manager.