Trade Copier Set Up Guide

Welcome to Fibo Pips Trade Copier Service. You can create and set up trade copier EA following few steps

Read Carefully.

You have  already received  a trade copier set up invitation in your email. You need to set up your copier by clicking accept invitation. You are requested to check your inbox/junk box/ smambox. If you find your trade copier link in your spam or junk box, please mark as not spam for ensuring future mail to inbox. You will find the details guideline below:

N:B – If you still do not receive invitation code in your mail. Please send us a gmail  address, we will send it to your gmail. Our EA invitation is more compatible with gmail. If you still need help, send us a mail to support@fibopips.com


Creating Fx Blue Receiver Account

Step :1 – Check your email address , you will find fxblue invitation. Click accept copy the code and click accept invitation.

Step : 2 – Enter Your invitation Code and Click Check.

Step : 3 – Enter your email address, User name and password. You should save your user name and password.You need them later to configure your account.

Step : 4  Enter your first name, Last name and Mobile number. You will receive a verification in your mobile number. You need to send email to this number. You may send blank email or just say hello

Step : 5  – Now you will receive account verified email.  You can now enter into your fxblue account, download trade copier EA and set up in your mt4 account.

Set Up Copier EA in Your Mt4

Creating Fxblue Trade Mirror Receiver Account:

Step : 1 ; Check your email address copy invitation code and click accept invitation

trade copier set up 1

Step : 02 ; Paste invitation code and click check

Step : 03; Enter email address, desired username and password


set up step3

Step : 4 ; Enter your first name, last name and mobile number :

fxblue set up step 4

Step 5 :  Your fxblue account is created and verified.  Now  download copier mirror EA

and set up in your mt4

Fxblue Set Up Step 6

Configuring  Trade Copier Receiver EA in Your Mt4

Setp 1 : Download mirror copier ea and extract it

Step2 : Install copier EA in your selected mt4 . Please close all mt4 before install it or you should not install in open mt4.

Step : 3 : Drag mirror receiver and allow dll imports

Step : 4; Allow auto trading option, set up our channel name (copierpro), your user name and your password.

Step : 5; Set up  lot option. Please keep in mind that if you use fixed lot size, you have to use all other lot option as (0.0). When everyting is set up

click ok

Step : 6 , Final Step; If you find heartbeat, connectivity and no error msg, it seems everything okay.

You may watch video guide at the end of the content

N:B – If you still have questions, please send us mail to support@fibopips.com





Step : 1;  Download and Extract Files

Configure trade copier step 1

Step : 2;  Install EA in your Selected Mt4

fxblue configuration, setp 2

Step : 3; Double click or Drag Copier EA in your Mt4

fxblue configuration 3

Step : 4 ; Set up our channel Name, Your username and your password

fxblue configuration 4


Step : 5 ; Set up lot option if needed

fxblue copier set up 4

Step : 6; Final step, check up your trade copier connectivity.

You will find blue screen and heartbeat here

final steps of fxblue copier set up


Video guide of Configuring Fxblue Trade Mirror Receiver